Scaffolding Labour Services

According to the National Workplace Safety Council, every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job. These numbers are astonishing, but relevant. Implementing necessary workplace safety measures is paramount to safeguard you and your crew. 

To complement our onsite testing and occupational hygiene services, Sonic now provides scaffolding services for any size or scope of project you may have. Our team of trained Scaffolders have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field to deliver safe workplace solutions year round. Whether it is safety training or labour supply, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have a capital project, building maintenance, or general construction that requires scaffolding? 

At Sonic, we understand the importance of workplace safety and how pivotal it is to ensure a secure and cautionary worksite. Through the use of our planning and management services (AUTOCAD, Navis, etc.) we are able to leverage technology to prepare the final scaffolding engineering drawings for which the project will rely on.

Once provided with the proper scaffolding equipment, our team of labour technicians are highly trained to direct, assemble, modify, and dismantle on site scaffolding systems. Throughout the process, we use online scaffold management technology to report on work in progress, completed scaffold, and performance factors such as hours earned vs. burned.

When the scaffolding system is set for proper use, we then implement a schedule to provide continuous monitoring & tracking through geo mapping capabilities. Thus, allowing you to view live data on erect scaffolding, as well as inspection records, and time stamps for the scaffolding’s next inspection. Our scaffolding experts’ goal is to have your project finish safely and on-time.


Sonic is local and operates right out of Fort McMurray to provide timely and superior quality scaffolding services. 

Because we are open shop, we can provide you with lower overhead costs, saving you time & money.

Sonic is 71% Aboriginally owned and a member of CCAB (Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business).

We are involved in local community initiatives because giving back is important to us. 

Do you have other services that you need to hire for? Mobile hearing testing, drug testing, or other general on site tests? We are equipped to do it ALL. Through the integration of our various services, we’ll coordinate with you to provide a seamless and streamlined on site experience, all in one place.


Scaffold Training 

  • We offer select in-house training, allowing employees to enhance their development and expertise in this field. 
  • We have industry compliant certification standards with skill levels of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and journey-person training.

Make Sonic Industrial and Sonic Onsite your one-stop shop for all onsite and safety related workplace services. 

Contact us today and let us help you tackle your next project, from start to finish.