Illumination Surveys

Have you ever suffered headaches and eye strain in a workplace due to low levels of light while reading? Were there areas posing a risk of tripping because you could not see the hazards?

This is a common occurrence and many employers are diligent in correcting more apparent issues but tend to forget lighting. Under Federal OH&S laws, there are specific requirements for the level of lighting that must be provided in a workplace. If you think that you may have an issue pertaining to this, please feel free to contact us for a free consult.

Requirement under Canada OH&S Regulations, Part VI-928-1-IPG-039


  Illumination Levels for Tasks Outlined under OH&S Laws
Task category
Minimum illumination
level in lux
Simple orientation for short temporary visits Inactive storage, waiting areas, VDT screens, log loading and unloading
Working spaces where visual tasks are only occasionally performed Stairways, freight elevators, truck loading, active bulk storage
Visual tasks of high contrast or large size Bakery mixing rooms, hospital central (clean) linen rooms, locker rooms, reading good quality text, casual reading, simple assembly, hand or simple spray painting, rough lumber grading, rough woodworking and benchwork
Visual tasks of medium contrast or small size Hair styling shops, kitchens, vehicle repair garages, sawmill filing room (work areas), reading poor quality text, prolonged or critical reading, medium bench or machine work, mail sorting, fine hand painting and finishing, fine woodworking and finishing
Visual tasks of low contrast or very small size Difficult assembly tasks, difficult inspections, weaving, clothing alteration, finished lumber grading
Visual tasks of low contrast and very small size over a prolonged period Very difficult assembly tasks, sewing, fine bench or machine work, extra-fine hand painting and finishing
Very prolonged and exacting visual tasks Exacting assembly or inspection, extra fine bench or machine work, precision manual arc-welding
Very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size Very detailed cloth product inspection and examination