Mould lead and asbestos abatement

As a leading environmental remediation company, sonic industrial hygiene offers a complete range of remediation and restoration services. Whether you are renovating a historic home, updating an old building, or demolishing an outdated property, we can help. Our services that are available to residential and commercial customers throughout the province of Alberta.


· Mold Remediation: Mold Remediation is the safe and complete removal of any mold contaminated building materials from a home or commercial building. The remediation process includes using specialized mold removal products and replacing any damaged materials.

· Asbestos Abatement: This environmental remediation service includes removing dangerous asbestos containing materials while following important safety guidelines. Asbestos removal is necessary prior to major renovation or demolition projects and if asbestos containing materials are damaged or deteriorating.

· Lead Abatement: Lead abatement is the removal of lead containing materials from a building. Most often, we perform this environmental remediation service on older homes or commercial buildings containing old, deteriorating lead paint or can also be in batteries radiators and brake pads for those working in a mechanic shop.

· Fire and Water Damage Restoration: Fires and floods can cause cosmetic and structural damage to homes and commercial or industrial buildings. Fire and water damage restoration services address the complete range of problems and symptoms caused by these disasters including water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage in order to restore a building to its previous state.

· Demolition: Demolition can involve complete demolition and building removal, partial interior demolition, or demolition to one wing of a building. Our demolition services also include the removal of debris and any dangerous materials such as mold, asbestos, and lead.


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