NORM / Radiological Testing

In today’s technological age, radiation is all around us. When we use our cell phones, when we cook, when we go to the dentist, it could be in our workplace, it even occurs naturally in the earth and from the sun. How do we know what is safe?

As industrial hygienists, we test workplaces and anywhere radiation may exist in order to evaluate exposure limits, and determine safe work practices to ensure safety for those who work around radiation or may be exposed.

Workers that are most at risk are nuclear medicine or nuclear energy plant workers, those who work in mineral extraction and processing of ore, phosphate fertilizers, and abrasives, workers exposed to fluids and gases from hydrocarbons, metal recycling employees, forestry thermoelectric production workers, employees in water treatment plants who work with radon, as well as miners and others who work underground.

Requirement under Alberta OH&S Code, Part 20, Section 291