Physical Demands Analysis

In today’s competitive workplace, projects have slowed, and fewer employees must perform more work, which puts them at risk for injuries. In order to prevent this from occurring, an employer must hire the most suitable and healthy candidates for the job.

A fit for work medical can help assess individuals but first, the employer must identify the physical demands that will be placed on an employee during a typical workday. Otherwise, they may underestimate the demands, resulting in injuries on the job.

Through observation and testing during the course of the day, our team examines the amount of physical lifting, walking, climbing, bending, as well as other factors to develop a physical demands analysis. This information is then used to develop the fit for work medical, which will simulate the job demands of the position in a controlled setting such as a clinic, to assess the job candidates.

Requirement under Alberta OH&S code, Part 14, Section 210 & 211