Lead / Mercury / Cadmium Blood Analysis

Many workers are frequently exposed to lead and other heavy metals, such as, mechanics, welders, painters, plumbers, electronic metal recyclers, as well as law enforcement officers and demolition workers. Many of the health effects of exposure are subtle and may go unnoticed, until later, and then hypertension, renal changes, as well as cognitive dysfunction and adverse female reproductive outcomes may develop.

Under OH&S guidelines, if employees may be exposed to lead, mercury or other heavy metals, It is the employer’s responsibility to perform testing at the time of hire and at least yearly to monitor exposure levels.

Using sterile blood collection techniques, performed by lab technicians and nurses, our team can perform on-site phlebotomy services, eliminating the need to send employees to outside labs for collection. This is a convenient and cost saving service and your employees with feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.

Requirement under Alberta OH&S Code, Part 4, Section 41, 42 & 43