Noise Exposure Assessments

Is it enough to simply mandate hearing protection in the workplace in order to eliminate noise-induced hearing loss? The answer is no because hearing protection is only one element of a hearing conservation program. To successfully combat the issue of hearing loss, you must also consider exposure time and the levels of noise that employees may be exposed to, in order to develop safe administrative and engineering controls.

To properly assess this, a Noise Exposure Assessment must be conducted as required under OH&S guidelines. Using personal noise dosimeters and other noise measuring equipment, we can examine each area where employees are exposed to noise,

and calculate the safe exposure limits for them. Depending on the results of the assessment, recommendations can be made to improve the use of hearing protection, adjust exposure times, create a noise management program, and also discuss engineering controls to limit the exposure to noise.

Requirement under Alberta OH&S Code, Part 16, Section 219